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Also called income annuities and pension annuities, and are the original design of the annuity that dates back from the Roman times. Annuity comes from the word “annua” which means payments, and Roman soldiers and their families were paid a lifetime income stream from these types of annuities. This simplistic and efficient structure exists to this day, and is still arguably the best value and pro-customer annuity available.

How to determine if you need an annuity

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Most people are vaguely familiar with annuities, and many have been pitched an annuity from an advisor or on the internet.  What needs to be answered before you start falling for the too good to be true sounding sales hype is a very basic, but critical question; "Do I even need an annuity?"

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When is the best time to buy an annuity?

The best time to buy an annuity is when the contractual guarantee of the annuity policy solves for the specific financial goal at hand.

When were annuities first invented and then introduced in the US?

Annuities date back to the Roman Times and have been sold in the United States for over 200 years.

Why do variable annuities have a prospectus & indexed annuities don't?

Variable annuities have a prospectus because they are categorized as a security. Indexed annuities are classified as a life insurance product

Why should I consider a fixed rate annuity instead of a CD?

Fixed annuities function similarly to a CD by providing a guaranteed annual interest rate for a specific period of time.

What is the minimum guarantee on a deferred annuity?

Most deferred annuities like variable, fixed, and indexed have minimum guarantee rates contractually built into the annuity policy.

What is an annuity rider?

Annuity riders are attached benefits to a policy that can contractually guarantee lifetime income, long term care benefits, or a death benefit.

How do annuity state guaranty funds work?

Annuities are backed by at the state level by guaranty funds. The organization that oversees these guarantees is NOLHGA.

How do you determine the safety of the annuity carrier?

How to know your annuity carrier is safe by using ratings services and the COMDEX ranking system in addition to looking at carrier financials.

Income Later Annuity Strategies

Income Later Annuity Strategies or Target Date Annuity Planning allows you to start a guaranteed income stream at a future date.

Income Now Annuity Strategies

Income Now Annuity Strategies provide guaranteed income by transferring that risk to the annuity carrier to create a personal pension plan for you.

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